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Every Saturday in July and August, the Old Town Square fills with people. At 7 p.m. sharp, a compère takes to the stage and moments later the sound of jazz rings out. The free show – Jazz at the Old Town – is held here every year and is now celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.

The end of spring and the beginning of summer is the time that all gourmets look forward to, dreaming of fresh fruit and vegetables. June is primarily the month of strawberries, but often at the end of the month you can taste cherries – both sweet and tart ones – the fruits whose flavour many Polish people associate with the summer.

On hot days, the most popular places for young people and families with young children are swimming pool complexes, and the biggest of these are Moczydło Water Park and the Inflancka Centre. In addition to recreational pools they offer slides, aquatic playgrounds, artificial rivers and water curtains. There are also various other smaller swimming centres available in Warsaw during the summer season including at Szcześliwice and on Wał Miedzeszyński.

August 1 is a unique day for the Polish capital. Every year, at the stroke of 5 p.m., life comes to a standstill in the busy metropolis. For a minute, public transport stops, cars and pedestrians come to a halt, and the wail of sirens fills the air. Varsovians pay their respects to the heroes of an event from the times of World War II.

Warsaw is a city that hides many extraordinary stories, and the Muranów district is the best example of this. I invite you for a walk during which you will discover an exceptional place in the city. Leisurely strolls in which you get to know a particular quarter of the city better are the best way to immerse yourself in the history and greenery of Muranów.

Interactive and immersive exhibitions are a big hit worldwide – and Warsaw too has its modern side, which is worth a closer look. Expositions are not limited only to presenting works of art, but thanks to modern technology are becoming a compelling story in which we play an active part.