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Żoliborz, or what’s up on the beautiful shore?

Żoliborz is the smallest district of Warsaw, but it hides a lot of gems, and its beauty already boasts in its name (French “Joli Bord” means beautiful shore).

We start the walk in the Park “Fosa i Stoki Cytadeli”. In this place, lush, sometimes even wild vegetation intertwines with brick remains of fortifications and artistic installations. The whole creates an interesting space where we can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Another attraction is located at the intersection of Potocka and Maria Kazimiera Streets. It is a David Bowie mural. There is an interesting anecdote behind its creation. Namely, Bowie visited Żoliborz in the 1970s on the occasion of his train stopping at the Gdański Railway Station. Although the visit was short, we can still admire its fruits. This fruit is the song “Warszawa” from the album Low. An urban legend has it that when writing this piece, Bowie was to be inspired by the song “Helokanie” performed by the ensemble “Śląsk”, and he was to buy the band’s album in a bookstore at today’s Wilson’s Square.

Żoliborz Urzędniczy is also worth visiting due to the presence of pearls of early modernism. Particularly noteworthy are the church of St. Stanisława Kostka, the Brukalski villa and the manor houses at Wieniawski and Brodziński Streets.

The walk ends on the observation deck located on the 7th floor of the Forest skyscraper, just outside Żoliborz. From this place there is a magnificent view of Warsaw’s skyscrapers, and the attraction of this place is also the vegetation that surrounds us.

Author of the proposed route and photos: Michał Woźniak
Ulica na Żoliborzu. Po lewej widoczne płoty od domów, po lewej zaparkowane samochody. Na pierwszym planie stylowa latarnia uliczna. W tle widoczna wieża kościoła. Słoneczny dzień. lato.
Żoliborz, fot. Michał Woźniak