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Powiśle parks and palaces

We invite you for a trip along the Vistula Escarpment and its palaces. As a rule, we focus our attention on the Royal Route. However, it is also worth taking a look at the nearby escarpment – a natural element of the area with landscape values, which determined the founding of the city. All together, it can convince people that Warsaw is beautiful with its diversity, also in terms of nature.

At the beginning, we will see the Kazanowski Palace located on it from the side of the Vistula River. It was once one of the most magnificent and luxurious palaces in Warsaw, and its splendor surpassed even the Royal Castle.

Then we go along Skarpa to the Kazimierzowski Palace, once called Villa Regia. After reaching Tamka Street, we come across the walls of the garden and the convent of Charity, which are the most important relics of Warsaw in the Jurisdiction era. It is worth seeing the monastery from above, standing in the Anka Kowalska square.

Next, our trail leads through the Rydza-Śmigły Park to the Finnish cottages in Jazdów. Built as temporary accommodation for employees of the Capital Reconstruction Office in 1945, it has survived to this day and serves, among others, for cultural purposes.

Author of the proposed route and photos: Łukasz Błażejak
Pałac Kazimierzowski przy Krakowskim Przedmieściu, biało-żółta elewacja, czerwony dach.
Parki i pałace Powiśla, fot. Łukasz Błażejak