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Museum of Evolution

Are you curious about the size of the Opisthocoelicaudia – one of the herbivorous dinosaurs known as sauropods, or the Tarbosaurus, an Asian relative of the American T. Rex? What did the Silesaurus, a small relative of the earliest dinosaurs that lived in prehistoric areas of Poland, look like? If you want to know, the Museum of Evolution is for you.

In this small and slightly archaic museum located in the Palace of Culture and Science you will see authentic and very well-preserved dinosaur skeletons, fossilised eggs and the remains of primitive mammals. See the oldest known frog found near Krakow, an artistic reconstruction of the famous Australopithecus “Lucy” and a shoal of Tiktaalik flatfish from several hundred million years ago. If these prehistoric animals didn’t decide to crawl out of the water, there would be no land-based vertebrates, including humans.

Wnętrze sali z gablotami, na których stoją wielkie globusy. Ponad głowami kilku osób wiszą figury dużych ryb.
Muzeum Ewolucji, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski