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Award: European Best Destination 2023

Geological Museum

The only geological museum in Poland, where you will see a complete collection of rocks, reflecting the geological structure of the country. The thematic exhibitions allow you to delve into the fascinating world of minerals, crystals and fossils. You can also see a mini exhibition of meteorites, as well as the skulls of our prehistoric ancestors. Take a selfie with a Dilaphosaurus, which lived 200 million years ago in the Polish mountains. A faithful copy of this feathered prehistoric reptile known as Dyzio has a loyal group of fans.

However, the biggest impression on visitors is made by the skeletons of animals from the ice age: a mammoth, a large rhinoceros and a hairy bear. And all this for free in the beautiful, somewhat old-fashioned interiors of a building from the beginning of the 20th century. Are you ready to discover a new passion?

Dwupoziomowa, duże wnętrze z krużgankami po obu stronach widziane z góry. Przy krużgankach stoją szklane gabloty. Na środku pomieszczenia stoi szkielet dużego zwierzęcia z długim kłami, po jego bokach dwa mniejsze szkieletu. Pomiędzy eksponatami stoją ludzie.
Muzeum Geologiczne, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski