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In the footsteps of Warsaw ghosts

Do you like to be scared? We will show you places which are (supposedly) haunted.

The best place to start your adventure will be the Old Powązki Cemetery, established on November 4, 1790. It is there, at the end of the catacombs, that you will find a beautiful monument to the artist Maria Wisnowska, murdered in 1890 in a tenement house at 14 Nowogrodzka Street by a jealous lover – tsarist officer Aleksander Bartniew.
Another figure with his tombstone in Powązki is the king of Warsaw furriers, Arpad Chowańczak. During the Warsaw Uprising, in his villa from 1928, located in the Morskie Oko Park, a personal tragedy of a nurse, Hanka, took place during the Warsaw Uprising. The girl was picking flowers for her lover at night when she was hit by a German bullet. The girl’s ghost is said to still wander around the area at night.

Our route must also include a tenement house at 2/4 Wilcza Street, which was established in 1882. More than one ghost haunts here. According to the stories, the murder of Aleksandra Grobicka – a wealthy, elderly woman took place in the house. The torturer was to be a butler, who then plundered his employer’s expensive belongings. Apparently, you can sometimes see the ghost of a woman in lace. Another version says that at Wilcza 2, the body of a student who took his own life was found. His ghost is allegedly wandering around the living room on the first floor of the building with a white dog, reading something under a lamp. It is said that in the interwar period people bet who would spend the whole night in the haunted house. You could win big money or a few boxes of champagne. Apparently, due to the jaws of chains, unidentified groans, crackles, rustles, the sounds of footsteps and crying, each of the daredevils left the house before midnight. After 1939, the ghosts stopped harassing the tenants, nor did they return during the occupation, all reports of ghosts and fears in Wilcza ceased.

Author of the proposed route and photos: Jacek Śmigielski
Widok na bramę prowadzącą na Cmentarz Powązkowski, po lewej stronie rzeźba rzymskiego legionisty, z prawej wieniec pogrzebowym, na górze napis "Brama św. Honoraty".
Śladami warszawskich duchów, fot. Jacek Śmigielski