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Downtown locally

We invite you to take a tour around the quieter, local part Śródmieście district. We start at Bank Square (Plac Bankowy) with a view of the Blue Skyscraper (Błękitny Wieżowiec). This is where the Great Synagogue stood. It was blown up by the Germans on May 16, 1943, which was the last act of destroying the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw.

From the bustling square we head south and turn into a slightly sleepy Elektoralna Street, next to which we will find a historic 19th-century building of the former Holy Spirit Hospital (Szpital Świętego Ducha). Currently, it is the seat of the Mazowieckie Institute of Culture.

We go to Mirów Market Halls (Hale Mirowskie) and discover one of the most popular markets in both pre- and post-war Warsaw. It is here that people from all over the city come to buy their favorite products, the place is teeming with life all the time.

Through the Mirowski Park, we reach Grzybowska Street and turn into Próżna Street, where nineteenth-century tenement houses survived the war. Before the war, Próżna was largely inhabited by Jews (the area was called the Jewish district), and during the occupation it was located on the border of the ghetto. It is no coincidence that there is a mural by Tytus Brzozowski depicting Jewish Warsaw. You will find his work at the back of the tenement house at 12 Próżna Street.

Author of the proposed route and photos: Tomasz Obiński
Jasna fasada trzypiętrowej kamienicy, na pierwszym i drugim piętrze balkon, na parterze restauracja, przed lokalem krzesła i stoliki barowe, słoneczny dzień.
Śródmieście lokalnie, fot. Tomasz Obiński