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Vistula Boulevards

It is difficult to imagine a panorama of Warsaw without the Vistula – the river has had a huge impact on the development of the city, and today offers tourists and locals countless attractions. A kilometres-long riverside promenade is a great place for a walk, a bike ride, as well as a night of fun in one of the seasonal clubs operating here. Along the boulevards are gazebos with sun loungers, stone benches and seats made from tree branches. There is also a lookout point and a mini beach with wicker baskets. In such a place, there has to be a place for the symbol of the river and Warsaw – the Mermaid. Stop at the monument and take a photo.

In the summer season, sail on the Vistula. You can choose from a motor boats, sail boats, ferries or kayaks.

Right next to the boulevards are the Copernicus Science Centre, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Multimedia Fountain Park, where at the summer weekends (Friday-Saturday) water, light and sound shows take place – after sunset you will see an amazing spectacle on the water screen: lasers, animations and music that create a colourful spectacle.

Widok z mostu Świętokrzyskiego na bulwary wiślane, po lewej stronie Muzeum nad Wisłą, dalej Stare Miasto, ludzie spacerują, odpoczywają, zachód słońca, lato.
Bulwary wiślane, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski