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Praga route

SOHO – nevermind London or New York, when we have our own, Warsaw.
Mińska Street in the 19th century was a road separating the fields in the village of Skaryszew, and in the 20th century it was a thriving industrial center. Acted here, among others Warsaw Motorcycle Factory or Polish Optical Works. Now the post-factory buildings house, among others, restaurants and the Neon Museum with resurrected old neon signs.

Kamionkowski Cemetery – a forgotten old place, hiding a piece of history. Founded in the 13th and 14th centuries, it is one of the oldest in Poland. People buried here, among others, died during the Swedish war in 1656, the slaughter of Praga in 1794, the battles of Olszynka Grochowska in 1831. The kings of Poland, August III and Henryk Walezy, were crowned in the surrounding election fields.

Brzeska Street – “Male tailor Moszek Szatz, at your service”. The notorious street, at No. 21, hides a treasure – an advertising inscription of the tailor Moszek Szatz, who in the 1930s served the inhabitants of Prague.

Różycki Bazaar – who has not eaten dumplings there, or has not bought a communion dress, does not know what Różyc is. During WWII, the black market, where you could buy, among others, weapons, food and typhus bedbugs and lice (hit among German soldiers). After the war, it flourished in the 70s and 80s with a shortage of supplies in stores. A place of local folklore.

Koneser – vodka, money, fun. The attractive location of the area (city toll booths, railway development) meant that vodka factories operated here for 100 years. There was also the State Mint here. Now a fashionable place for meetings, culture and entertainment.

Route proposal and photos by: Joanna Wilk
Teren dawnej wytwórni wódek Koneser. Ujęcie od dołu. Widoczny wysoki, ceglany komin, fragment poprzemysłowego, ceglanego budynku oraz fragment nowego bloku, nawiązującego stylem do reszty obiektów.
Koneser, fot. Joanna Wilk