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Legia Warsaw Museum

It is located next to the Legia Stadium. You will learn everything about the history of one of the most successful football clubs in Poland. The museum has collected several hundred exhibits related to the leading players and coaches of Legia, including Kazimierz Deyna and Kazimierz Górski. You will see cups, strips and football boots as well as souvenir photos, pennants and medals. See the exhibition devoted to the legendary ‘Żyleta’ stand, where the fans are fanatical.

Also visit the fan store and have a look at the Sports Bar & Restaurant, where you can support your favourite teams and players.

Przeszklona ściana budynku z drzwiami wejściowymi. U góry wisi szyld w kształcie tarczy w zielono białych barwach z czerwoną linią i literą L w okręgu w górnym prawym rogu. Przed ścianą stoi kilka osób.
Muzeum Legii Warszawa, fot. m.st. Warszawa