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Gems on the edge of Mokotów and Ursynów

In the vicinity of Nowoursynowska Street, there is an unusual building with grass on the roof – Fort 8, i.e. the barracks of Fort VIII Służew. It was established in 1890 as part of the outer ring of the Warsaw Fortress. It has recently been successfully revitalized by a private company. Behind it there is a surprise – a mysterious monument to the pagan Światowid.

We head towards the Służewiecka Valley and a narrow river called Potok Służewiecki. It is the perfect place for a picnic on the grass or lounging in a hammock. Then we come to Bacha Street and the Służewski House of Culture. The buildings that comprise it have the style of a rural habitat, perfectly integrated into the surroundings. The complex is ecological, has a windmill, a vegetable garden, a goat enclosure, and a bird watching pulpit.

Walking along the stream we will get to Służewiecki Pond, and returning to Ursynów we can climb Kopa Cwila and find the sculpture: “Rider on horse”.

Author of the proposed route and photos: Joanna Wiśniewska
Koszary Fortu VIII Służew, wzniesione z czerwonej cegły, dach porośnięty trawą, wzdłuż budowli ogródki restauracyjne, słoneczny dzień.
Perełki na styku Mokotowa i Ursynowa, fot. Joanna Wiśniewska