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Warsaw Gasworks Museum

The Warsaw Gasworks Museum is located in the authentic buildings of the city’s gasworks, built in the 1860s. The exhibition is divided into two parts. In the first, you will learn how gas is produced and distributed. You will see the huge original machinery used to produce gas from coal and the equipment used to purify and pump it into the city’s distribution network. You will also hear stories from former employees of the Wola gasworks.

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to Warsaw in the early 20th century. You will find out how gas changed the lives of the city’s residents. You will see a collection of original gas cookers, boilers and numerous curiosities of the technology of the time, including a bachelor’s gas iron and a 1914 gas-heated curling iron. You will also learn more about the gas lanterns on the streets of Warsaw.

Be sure to watch the film about the inventor of the paraffin lamp, Ignacy Łukasiewicz, ‘When light chased away the darkness’, which uses virtual reality.

Biały budynek z napisem MUZEUM GAZOWNI WARSZAWSKIEJ, do którego prowadzi betonowa droga. Przed budynkiem znajduje się trawnik, na którym rośnie brzoza.
Muzeum Gazowni Warszawskiej, fot. Łukasz Kopeć