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Vodka Museum

It houses one of the world’s largest collections of items related to the history of the Polish national drink. Among the nearly 10,000 exhibits there are original alcohols from years ago (the oldest one is a herbal liqueur from the late nineteenth century) as well as historical bottles, carafes, glasses, books, labels, alcohol cards, advertisements, signs, photographs and graphics all coming from nearly 180 Polish vodka factories. You will see gems such as a glass belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte, an authentic French Army mess tin from when it marched to Moscow, and the world’s first bartending manual from 1863. In the Polish part of the museum, you will see the cigarette case of Józef Baczewski – the owner of the famous family factory in Lwów, considered the father of modern Polish distillation. The exhibition will guide you through the history of vodka production in Poland: from the first Gdansk factories from 1598, through the beginning of modern industrial production in Lwów in 1782, the flourishing of the industry at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the interwar period, World War II, PRL and modern times.

The whole experience is complemented by themed exhibitions presenting the history of vodka glass, the evolution of the bottle, vodka advertising and… tasting the achievements of the most important producers.

The museum is part of the Dom Wódki concept, which includes a restaurant and a cocktail bar.

Budynek z jasnożółtą fasadą. Pośrodku znajdują się drzwi wejściowe w brązowym kolorze. Nad nimi napis MUZEUM WÓDKI utworzony z białych rurek. Po obu stronach drzwi na kratach okiennych czarne plakaty przedstawiające kielich i puchar.
Muzeum Wódki, fot. Filip Kwiatkowski