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Green Warsaw

Do you like to be close to nature? You’ve come to the right place, because almost a quarter of Warsaw is green. Awaiting you are not only publicly accessible historical gardens, but also quiet parks, squares, nature reserves and botanical gardens. Warsaw is one of the few capitals in the world that boasts a primeval forest and woodland growing in the city. Regardless of whether you like walking, running or cycling, or you prefer lazy picnics and sunbathing, you will love our city.


The summer residence of the last king of Poland, Stanisław August Poniatowski, will captivate you with its perfect combination of nature, tasteful architecture and art. Wander through the vast park, admiring its beautiful gardens and historic buildings, such as the famous Palace on the Isle or the 18th-century court theatre. Your walk will be adorned by the park’s permanent residents: free-walking peacocks and the ubiquitous squirrels.


Located next to the enchanting Palace of King Jan III Sobieski, the park will fulfil your dreams of an aristocratic-style siesta.
Soak up the beauty of the palace gardens, take a moment to ponder the Akademos grove, and then go for a walk deep into the park. Along the way, you will find 200-year-old oaks, a Chinese gazebo and Mount Bacchus, from which you can view the entire park.


Located near the Old Town, this is the perfect place to relax after exploring this part of the city.
Stretch out on the grass and gaze at the beautiful palace, watch the ducks swimming in the pond, try your skills at boules or use the outdoor gym. The historic 18th-century entrance gate brings to mind the centuries-old history of the park.


Only a few steps away from Krakowskie Przedmieście, the main promenade of Warsaw, a beautiful, 19th-century fountain waits to cool you down. Walk along the picturesque main avenue admiring the floral arrangements and sculptures of mythological figures, read the time on the sundial or rest by the pond feeding the birds. At the edge of the garden, under the arcades, there is the famous Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


A true masterpiece of landscape architecture, harmoniously integrated with the library building. Thanks to the planted pathways and numerous hidden corners, it’s like being in a secret garden. Stop to see the interior of the library from a bird’s eye view, view the panorama of Warsaw or step onto the terrace, which overlooks the Vistula River with the Copernicus Science Center in the background.


Thanks to its vast green spaces, relaxed picnic atmosphere and skyscrapers on the horizon, it’s like being in New York’s Central Park.
Go jogging or cycling, sunbathe on the grass or have fun in one of the popular pubs in the evening. An attraction for children is the Happy Dog Monument.


In addition to its rich greenery, you will be charmed by its diversity. You will find meadows, ponds and hills, as well as a beautiful rose garden and a lake with a pub that offers canoe rental in the summer. Art connoisseurs will be delighted by the exquisite sculptures in the park, with the famous ‘Dancer’ principal among them, while runners will appreciate the comfortable wide paths.

praga-południe, praga-północ

They are not only natural, but also recognised by National Geographic as some of the most beautiful city beaches in the world. A strip of wild coastal forest runs behind them. Go there to soak up the sun, play badminton or spend an evening with friends by an open fire. In the summer, on some of the beaches you can rent sunbeds and take advantage of recreational activities at weekends.


The park is made up of several different gardens located nearby the Vistula River. Thanks to its partial location on a slope, it is perfect for a walk, a bike ride, or rollerblading. The main path will take you to a place that offers a wonderful view of the Vistula River. If you look carefully, you will find a bench with the figure of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański. The legendary courier lived in a nearby house after he came back to Poland.


This elegant and beautiful castle is situated on the Royal Route. Feel the romantic atmosphere while relaxing on the steps leading from the gazebo to the picturesque pond. For those who want to capture the moments spent here, there is a charming stone bridge, while for all those who are weight-conscious, a set of hundred-year-old weighing scales opens in the summer. Kids love the playground in the second part of the park.


The park features a natural landscape and is nearby Warsaw Zoo, a reminder of which is a sculpture of a life-size giraffe.
You can relax there among rare trees and shrubs, ride a bike or play chess. On summer weekends, stalls selling sweets, toys and souvenirs appear on the edge of the park.


A small park stretching around a historic 19th-century fort, where you can not only stroll but also practice yoga, watch a theatre performance, have fun and eat tasty food. Climb the hill to the viewing point or just hang out on the grass. Children will enjoy the playground, considered one of the coolest in the city.


It is one of the oldest gardens of this type in Poland. Shelter here from the heat and the hustle and bustle. Walk through its charming alleys and discover the beauty of thousands of plants originating in Poland and from many exotic countries around the world. You can always relax on a bench under one of the majestic, old trees.


Located in a royal hunting ground where rabbits used to run, lovers of nature and the art of sculpture will like it there. You can have a family picnic, view sculptures standing in the open air (from the collection of the National Museum), and listen to concerts in the summer. If you are interested in art, visit the Sculpture Museum housed in the beautiful 18th-century palace.

żoliborz, bielany

The park was once an island on the Vistula River, which can be seen from the more than two-kilometre long channel with charming bridges. Stand on one of them and enjoy views of nature, or lie down on the grass with a blanket and catch the sun. It is also a great pace to go running or cycling. A neon in the shape of a giant glass of orangeade with bubbles blends loosely into the scenery.


Just like the Palace of Culture and Science, which it is next to, it was built on the site of pre-war buildings. This can be seen by the Janusz Korczak monument at the site of the orphanage that he ran. Look for the looping bench, designed so that those lying on it can kiss easily, or visit the urban sports zone (at the edge of the park). The zone features a skate park, football pitches, table tennis tables and… hammocks.


Wild in places, the park features beautiful hidden ponds surrounded by lush, wild vegetation. Relax watching water birds or take a walk along the paths that meander through the varied terrain. From the hill you can enjoy a panorama of Warsaw’s Wola district. Just across the street from this green oasis of peace is the bustling Water Park with outdoor swimming pools, volleyball courts, football pitches and a bungee jump.


The park is unique because of its all-year-round ski slope on the highest hill in Warsaw and the gravity train. In summer, cool down by the ponds and watch the local fishermen. Take a swim in the outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery, play beach ball or use the open-air exercise equipment.


A fragment of the primeval forest that covered the whole of Mazovia in the Middle Ages. It will delight you with its varied landscape and wild nature, including oaks that are several hundred years old. Run along the picturesque cross-country trails, or go for a walk along the educational nature trail. See the rich local nature (most of the forest is a nature reserve), and maybe you will see a deer or a fox among the trees. The rope park at the edge of the forest offers a lot of fun.


This recreation area set in the heart of a forest on the edge of Warsaw where you can rent a holiday home at any time of the year feels like a holiday resort just outside the city. You can play football and tennis, bathe in the outdoor pool and even climb in the rope park. There is lots of space for a great picnic or a barbecue feast. Children will have a great time in the forest playground. When you are there, take the opportunity to visit the nearby Botanical Garden.


The largest nature reserve in the Mazovia, located within the borders of Warsaw. Rest from the hustle and bustle and walk along the wide paths or cycle along the kilometres of bicycle routes. Learn to recognize species of trees as you walk along the nature trails, then take a rest in the picnic clearing. Did you know that it was in this forest that the famous Enigma cipher code was broken?