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Award: European Best Destination 2023

Saska Kepa less known

Hidden among the trees and beautiful at any time of the year. Full of interesting buildings and villas immersed in secret gardens. Located so close to the Center and Praga neighbors, and at the same time so separate and small-town local.

  • Real magic happens in the side streets of Saska Kępa. There are e.g. Łaski’s Colony. Built in 1926, three rows of houses arranged in a horseshoe pattern were modeled on traditional manor houses. To this day, they are distinguished by elegance and an amazing atmosphere.
  • Katowicka – a street from architecture textbooks! There are gems of the interwar avant-garde here. One of them is the building at Katowicka 7a with a concrete and glass staircase designed by Stanisław Barylski and the Lachert-Szanajca duo with an unusual roof resembling a cheese with holes.
  • A little-known, hidden gem of Saska Kępa is a decorative mosaic with a wave motif, probably from the 1970s, which has been preserved in Bar Alpejski at 68 Międzynarodowa Street as one of the few relics of socialist realist applied art.
  • Confectionery “Irena” – an iconic confectionery with long traditions at 20 Zakopiańska Street, which is certainly familiar to every inhabitant of Saska Kępa and the surrounding estates. It is mainly famous for its donuts and Warsaw wuzetka cakes. 
  • At crowded Francuska Street, there is an inconspicuous place that attracts the attention of passers-by. It is the Eureka Bookstore (15 Francuska Street), where, apart from books, there are also … 2 huge Maine Coon cats.
Author of the route proposal and photos: Anna Puchta
Wnętrze kawiarni. Na pierwszym planie stoliki i krzesełka. Ściana bogato zdobiona kolorową mozaiką Na białej ścianie grantowe, pomarańczowe, zielone i brązowe mazy.
Saska Kepa, fot. Anna Puchta