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Muranów Arcades

Walking through the quiet and narrow streets of Muranów, we come across timeless gems of post-war architecture. A characteristic element of the building in this part of the city are architectural details, in particular – arcades. Gates, passages, connections between backyards – all these elements decorate the majestic arches, and their seriousness leaves passers-by in silent delight.

The most famous example of this architectural element is the gate above the Muranów cinema. Monumental stairs topped with a terrace lead to it. Just behind the gate, we get to a quiet courtyard. A few minutes of walking further we will find a delightful building opening onto an oval-shaped courtyard. The building with columns and arcades is distinguished by its arched façade. Currently, it is the seat of e.g. State Art Center “Nowolipki”.

Walking further along Nowolipki and then Zamenhofa Streets, we come across a gate topped with an arcade. Just behind it, a garden full of trees, ivy and shrubs. This is the square of Tekla Bądarzewska. Hidden in the city center, a secluded green oasis.

Along Andersa Street, we come across pearls of socialist realist architecture every now and then. Tenement houses, heavy in their form, decorated with arcades and passages can delight with their unique form. One of them can be admired on the corner of Anders and Anielewicz Streets.

The last, symbolic and easily overlooked place is located right next to the iconic Gdański bar. It is a passage to the yard decorated with a colorful mural dedicated to Janusz Korczak.

Author of the proposed route and photos: Karolina Dąbek
Widok na wnętrze bramy. Po bokach kolorowe graffiti przedstawiające kolorowe kredki.
Muranów, fot. Karolina Dąbek